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Through our observations and learnings, we have created a logical and sequential O.C.C.A.M.S set of Values and Principles, across Emotional, Intellectual and Physical dimensions that human beings operate in.

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Based on your selection we recommend you the following for your business need.


Merchant Accounts Across the Globe

Based on your selection we recommend you the following for your business need.


Merchant Accounts Across the Globe


Capital Raising to Promote Growth

Based on your selection we recommend you the following for your business need.


Tailored Payment Solutions & Verification Services


Financial Advisory and Transaction Integration

Based on your selection we recommend you the following for your business need.


Customized Payment Risk Management & Analytics


Sell-side M&A

Buy-side M&A

Globally Integrated Service

Seamlessly Connecting Markets and Innovations Worldwide


Business Services & Growth

  • Structuring, Incorporation &
    Accounting Advisory
  • Process Efficiency, Compliance,
    Tax Planning & Filing
  • Brand Building, Mobile Marketing &
    Data Analytics
  • Digital Presence & Social Media
  • Information Technology Services


Capital Markets & Investment

  • Capital Raising to Promote Growth
  • Financial Advisory & Transaction
  • Sell-side Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Buy-side Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Decision Science & Risk Assurance


Financial Technology &
Payment Solutions

  • Merchant Accounts Across
    the Globe
  • Tailored Payment Solutions &
    Verification Services
  • Customized Payment Risk
    Management & Analytics
  • Proprietary Fintech Platform

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We believe in engaging people who are instinctively inclined to support our clients and yet challenge them to superior levels. Our people measure our success by a singular yardstick - the measurable impact of our services to our clients. We strive to build a work-culture where client's success is synonymous with ours.


In a world where over a billion are malnourished and even more lack clean water, one in five children receives no education and faces significant risks. It's crucial to implement both preventive and remedial measures to address these issues. We must act swiftly to ensure global well-being and sustainability.


To us, our clients' business is our business. We train to think like our clients' partners, making their goals our primary focus. We strive to understand and align with their aspirations. At Occams, our values are straightforward and easy to follow, reflecting our deep dedication to client success.

Clients Testimonials

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Employee Testimonials

From Our Team: Genuine Insights into Our Workplace Culture

This fall, I had the opportunity to intern for Occams Advisory since September, and I had an amazing experience working with the team. Within a couple of weeks, I was already preparing presentations and attending meetings with potential clients. Anupam is a great leader and role model, and he was a pleasure to work for and learn from.

- Keerti Hariharan

I have had a wonderful experience at Occam’s Paradigm’s and have learned a great deal about financial advisory. Occam’s provides a great service to customers because they understand the crucial variables and prioritize to your critical needs.

- Jonah Leykam

Occam’s Paradigm’s financial advisory division provides great all-around service to the customer. Whether it be capital raising, debt refinancing, or serving as a strategic CFO, Occam’s superior service can help any company grow.

- Eric Bippen

Its a pleasure working with Occam’s Paradigm, where main focus is on team work and client satisfaction. Great exposure and learning opportunities.

- CA Rajat Garg

I’ve had the opportunity to work as an Associate-Advisor with Occam’s Paradigm for over a year now. Occam’s Paradigm is a great place to work at where everyday, there are new clients & deals to engage in, new challenges to learn from, and new achievements to add to your experience. Anupam is a great manager who is passionate, encouraging, kind and overall a great mentor.

– Rupa Ramachandran

I have worked with Anupam for over ten years and i personally am endorsing him for his leadership skills.

- Jason Bryant

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