January 29, 2017

In an exciting development, Occam’s Paradigm recently announced it has made the decision to rebrand under the name Occams Advisory to better reflect the expanded reach of its services. Since its founding, the company has added nine offices in three countries, and 92 people have joined the team.  Its combination of ability, expertise and client-driven growth has made a mark in the lower middle market financial advisory industry.

“Almost five years ago, from the living room of a condo in Jersey City, Occam’s Paradigm started its journey to help small businesses grow and scale,” commented Founder and CEO Anupam Satyasheel. “While growing, we have also evolved as a company. We’ve diversified with the objective of being a one-stop shop to meet all advisory needs of our clients. This growth and diversification has led to the need for a more inclusive name that better represents the wide array of services and solutions we offer while staying true to our core operating philosophy.”

Satyasheel continued, “Based on the feedback of our customers, employees and advisers, we have retained ‘Occams’ as that continues to reflect our underlying approach to problem solving by guiding our clients from complexity to simplicity.  We are excited about the road ahead and the many opportunities to serve our clients and to grow with their business as their trusted advisor. We have come some distance from our humble beginnings, but we have miles to go. We are grateful for our clients’ support along the way and are looking forward to more of it.”

The company’s momentum is a testament to how it has helped its clients reach new levels of global growth. Client Lalit Rana, Director at NTS Computers Technology, stated: “When it comes to entering the US market there are many considerations and apprehensions, but Occam’s and Anupam help you make it happen smoothly. They have enabled NTS, coached the team and gave us world class support. It has allowed us to grow by over 400% each year for the last four years.”

About Occams Advisory

Occams Advisory is a global, full service small and middle market advisory firm. Core company verticals include:  Corporate Services, Financial Advisory, Human Capital Advisory, Marketing and Branding, Risk and Regulatory Services, and Technology & Innovation.  All service verticals share the goal of seeing small and middle market businesses perform optimally, grow sustainably and avoid pitfalls in their respective industries as they scale. The company has offices in North America, Europe and Asia.

About NTS Computers Technology

NTS is a leading supplier of used and new computer equipment. Its clients are businesses, governmental and non-governmental institutions all throughout Europe and the United States. NTS is a business partner for Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Intel and IBM.

 To request an interview with Anupam Satyasheel, please contact info@occamsadvisory.com. For more information on the company, please visit http://www.occamsadvisory.com.