Hacking Mediocrity; key to success for small businesses
Success in business does not have a definite formula. But still some are able to reach heights and some become comfortable by being just mediocre.

Mediocrity is not a sign of failure but reflects that there is no willingness to grow. Being Mediocre requires no courage and results in following the status quo. This paralyses the mind and gives a false sense of security. So every small company and leader should plan to hack the mediocrity gap. There are are no certain guidelines to become successful. Each company and leader has their own approach and method to run the business. Sometimes it works well. But for other unfortunate times, following areas might help to reach your goal.

Is it even important ?

Your project or company should be able to make a difference in the world, for recognition. It does not have to be huge but relevant enough to impact a small set of people. This is only possible if you have a mission, vision or a purpose for your business, and other stake holders. When you know what you believe-in, it makes a lot more easier to communicate to the world. Your work should motivate you to wake early morning and do your job.

Do people want it?

You need to identify the need of the market. Success comes when we know whom we are serving and what exactly is the gap which we can fill. Thus, when you identify the demand then you start working for it. It should never be push but pull marketing. This means that your company should be customer oriented and value their feedback.

What do you love to do

Inspiration is important for both an individual or a company. Your belief helps you decide your future course of actions. Knowing what you want to do or about your area of expertise, contributes a lot in success. Wasting time in something you do not care about or provide good results, put you at the end of the game. For 100% efforts by you & your employees, work towards something which you all are passionate for.

Entrepreneurial or growth mindset

When you start a business do it with a spirit of staying in the game for long and do not have doubts. Trust your instincts. If necessary, do not hesitate to take second opinion about anything. Always dream about the future and link it to the present strategies. This is how you will grow.

Never give up

Failures are part of the whole process of moving ahead. If you do not commit mistakes or never fail, then you will not be able to learn anything new. The ladder of success involves a lot of pitfalls.

Strict fiscal discipline

Successful business associates use budgets and realistic sales projections to run their businesses. They use it for short-term cash needs, instead of long term, like marketing expenses.

Respect your employees

Always make your employees feel at home in your company. Understand their need and train them well. Provide them apt resources. And hire as many helping hands as you can.

These are not standard rules and it might be that not every tip will help you. But there is no harm in trying and working towards the betterment of your company.