Occams believes in growing with our clients to achieve ultimate success. It’s a vicious cycle, which will never end if we all keep working hard towards our goals.

How we do it?

  • We set client expectations early and deliver faithfully on them to build a solid retention plan.
  • We are the experts and our trusted advisors proactively communicate with clients about issues in their industry that will affect them.
  • We build client relationships based on trust and shared values.
  • We implement anticipatory services, avoid negative client experiences by being proactive: stop problems from happening by checking in with clients each quarter.
  • We make use of automation, standardize processes and set expectations for service levels to increase client loyalty.
  • We build KPIs around client service: measure and incentivize firm based on levels of service/performance tied to the client’s goals.
  • We build relationships online with clients while they are fixed to their computer screens via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, blogging, etc.
  • We go above and beyond what’s expected: look for opportunities to woo the clients to build long term loyalty.
  • We listen to our clients as their voice matters through implementing client surveys, etc.