In this ongoing series of intimate, hosted, online Roundtables, CEOs share their challenges, ideas, and solutions and be inspired by other CEOs. 

​​The Advantary CEO Roundtable Series for CEOs of mid- and growth-stage companies to share challenges, ideas, and solutions in an authentic, collegial, and open forum.  The panels are an opportunity for CEOs to come together, build community, share problems, demonstrate leadership, share lessons learned, and build their brands.

Subject Matter Expert
The CEO Roundtables also have Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to bring an outside, independent perspective on industry, economic, business, and social issues. The speaker will present to the group for approximately 15-20 minutes, provide Q&A, and participate in the discussion.
CEO Roundtable Topics / Focus
The CEO Roundtable Series initiative was conceived and launched pre-pandemic with a focus on growth. While growth continues to be essential for many companies, the COVID-19 pandemic is the elephant in the room today. Critical issues such as team morale and stress, selling, marketing, working remotely, cost-cutting, predictions about the “new normal,” company survival, equity and debt financing, and M&A have come to the fore.  

CEO Roundtable Series™: Turning Change Into Advantage

Meet the CEO of Occams Advisory Inc. Anupam Satyasheel.

Discussing market shocks that can create company stresses but can also provide opportunities. In this intimate, hosted 2-hour online roundtable, you can share your challenges and ideas and be inspired by other CEOs in similar-stage companies as well as senior advisors from Advantary.

We hope to see you there!

August 25th | 3:00 – 5:00 PM PT

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