Businesses are rapidly situated in a post-cash environment in the 21st century. Just 5% of sales worldwide are made in cash, while 73% of transactions are made using debit, credit, eWallets, and prepaid cards.

Although online acceptance of payment cards has many benefits, online handling of a credit card payment has several difficulties and risks. Let’s look at some of the greatest dangers of paying by credit card online.

Theft of Identities

Link reliability is one of the main challenges with any form of online transaction. It is important to protect a wireless link when making purchases to deter an outside attacker from reading and accessing credit card data and using the data to capture the identity of the cardholder.

There can be no underestimation of the expense of a data leak. The estimated risk of a data loss for small companies in the US is $ 117,000, in addition to the bad coverage for an organisation that is struck by identity fraud. There are a number of forms in which payment processors employ technologies to protect clients. Online card data security safeguards should be offered by the payment processor, which minimises the chances of a data loss and benefits both retailers and cardholders. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are actively working to detect developments that continue to allow successful transactions to go through while avoiding potentially fraudulent transactions. When talking to card processors, please always ask about protection.

Costs of Enforcement

Formance with PCI mandates also includes the handling of an online credit card charge. These mandates are subject to any company that takes card payments, and non-compliance fines can be substantial.

Based on the scale and complexity of an organisation, the commitment and expense associated in PCI enforcement vary. Knowing what your payment service does to help you understand and comply with PCI requirements is important, particularly for smaller online businesses. Any providers, such as EquiPay, provide robust services targeting both card data protection and enforcement. To learn what’s open to you, reach out to your payment processor.

The experience with the customer

To ensure a fulfilled purchase, an optimal online consumer interface can benefit. Not only do you have to provide the payment options that your customers want, you need to ensure them that you are comfortable with their payment details. Show protection badges before accessing card data to give consumers a peace of mind.

The shopping cart experience is important and usually customers want choices. Enable shoppers to opt to register as a guest or check out. Registration makes shopping simple for returning customers who want to breeze to checkout, while guest checkout allows shoppers the ability to store personal data for multiple businesses. It would also help secure a fulfilled order by making it easier to locate coupon codes, delivery prices, and other things specific to their order.

Resources and Strategies

What does your company need to excel in processing a credit card payment online and to reduce your risks? We offer a range of solutions and tools for online payments. Find out how our online payment capabilities are used to improve security, control costs, and optimise conversion.

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