Video marketing is considered the way of the future by many marketers. Nonetheless, with over 85 percent of internet users in the United States consuming video material on a weekly basis, the future is today.

According to a study, video marketing generates 66% more leads than other marketing methods. In addition, 85 percent of US internet users consume video material on a monthly basis.

There are several more advantages to video content, and we feel these are compelling data that should encourage you to start video marketing right away.

One of the most effective methods for a SaaS firm to advertise its services is through video marketing.

Because of the sort of customers that SaaS firms service, video marketing is effective. If your firm isn’t currently utilising this marketing approach, now is the time to begin.

SaaS businesses vary from other types of businesses in that they have more control over the items they offer. A SaaS provider will always host their product and give customer support for it. You may have a greater degree of security and deliver faster updates since you have so much control.

You can use video marketing to attract customers, convert them into buyers, and retain existing customers by keeping them entertained and informed. Engaging with your present and potential customers through video marketing is often more effective than textual or image-based marketing.

Benefits of Video Marketing

For SaaS and software companies, video marketing is quite effective. Why? Because your consumers are already using digital platforms and using the internet.

This medium’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, with video evolving from a simple marketing approach to a complete business strategy employed by some of the most successful SaaS firms.

Keep in mind that YouTube, the video-sharing platform, is the world’s second-largest search engine — and for good reason. People are turning to videos for information on all aspects of their lives right now.


SEO Optimization

Video has been proved to enhance click-through rates and is one of the simplest strategies to improve your SEO ranking. It may also help to lower your bounce rate. Bounce rates are used by Google to assess whether or not a website’s content is useful. Videos that capture people’s attention and keep them on the page notify Google and other search engines that your website pages are rich in content. Videos can also aid in the development of high-quality backlinks to your website. Because video is so captivating, it’s in your best interests to make sure your video material is always of the greatest quality.



People expect rapid responses to their inquiries, and they want those responses to be interesting. As people’s lives become busy and their attention spans shorten, short and engaging video perform better in terms of conversions. Analytics tools make it simple to track these conversions.


Increase engagement and brand awareness

Videos are fantastic tools for generating engagement on your channels since they are frequently uploaded or shared on social media sites. People are more likely to respond to videos that they find beneficial if they find them fascinating or amusing.

Most firms, especially those that haven’t been operating for long, want to raise brand awareness. Conduct you want more people to be aware of your company and do business with it? Then make videos that will pique your target audience’s attention and resonate with them.


Type of Video Marketing content for SaaS companies

There’s no denying that video marketing is a successful approach for your SaaS business. You’ll need to make sure you’re creating the proper kind of content for your business and your target audience.

You can generate many various sorts of content for a SaaS firm, which is fortunate.


Demo Video

One of the most effective methods for a SaaS firm to employ video marketing is to provide demos and tutorials that demonstrate how their product is utilised.

Easy-to-follow demonstration films with step-by-step instructions are one of the most effective methods to swiftly teach your clients how to use your product.


Social Videos

Your video views might increase if you use social videos. They can also earn a significant amount of revenue. Many of your SaaS company’s clients use social media.

They use social media to conduct product research and get input on the efficacy of various SaaS solutions. Social videos can easily get your software in front of the appropriate people.

Video is an important part of today’s marketing mix, and the demand for it is growing. Video marketing for SaaS should assist you in taking your company to the next level. You may also contact us at Occams if you want to learn more about the marketing tactics and strategies you can implement to grow your firm.




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