Occams Advisory is on the path to recognition in three prestigious award categories. We invite your support in this journey of achievement and excellence. Here’s a brief look at our aspirations and how you can help.


1. SB100: Honoring Economic Growth
Small to Mid-Sized Businesses (SMBs) are the driving force behind America’s economy. Comprising 99% of all businesses, they play a pivotal role. The “SB100 Award” recognizes the top 100 SMBs in the US for their accomplishments in the previous year.

Occams has been instrumental in countless business successes, and by supporting us in the SB100 category, you’re endorsing not just our success but the growth and success of SMBs nationwide.


2. Small Business of the Year: A Beacon of Excellence
Small businesses, creating over half of all new jobs, are the backbone of the US economy. The “Small Business of the Year Award” celebrates businesses demonstrating outstanding growth, diversity, customer service, leadership, a positive workplace culture, and profitability.

Occams embodies these qualities, and your vote for us is a vote for the unwavering spirit of small businesses striving for excellence.


3. Best Workplace: Cultivating a Positive Culture
At Occams, we take pride in our commitment to a workplace that fosters positivity and productivity. The “Best Workplace Award” honors companies that prioritize employee well-being, vibrant company culture, and a harmonious work environment.

By voting for Occams in this category, you’re supporting the creation of an inspiring workplace that uplifts employees.


Your vote for Occams is a vote for our dedication to businesses and our commitment to creating a positive impact. Join us on this journey towards recognition and excellence. Vote for Occams, and thank you for your support!

The Voting Instructions are as follows:

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Vote: Once logged in, directly select your choice and cast your vote.