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In the dynamic world of American entrepreneurship, where innovative concepts become reality, Research and Development (R&D) activities play a crucial role. However, the cost of innovation can be substantial. This is where the R&D Tax Credit comes into play, serving as a vital incentive to drive your business’s growth. Understanding and claiming this credit can be complex, but Occams Advisory is here to navigate you through the intricacies of the R&D tax credit process. As experts in taxation and advocates for innovation, we are committed to helping businesses like yours fully leverage this significant credit.

Our approach includes using advanced technology to streamline your claim, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. We offer transparent pricing, with plans designed to suit your specific needs. Our comprehensive service covers everything from identifying eligible expenses to managing IRS communications. We provide thorough documentation and adhere to the highest standards to safeguard against audits. The Occams experience is defined by our expertise, efficiency, and dedication to optimizing your claim.


  • Maximizing your claim: We do more than just file claims; we specialize in maximizing them. Our meticulous approach ensures every aspect of your claim is optimized, enhancing your available credit and supporting your innovative endeavors.
  • Ongoing support: Occams is a long-term partner in your R&D tax credit journey, offering continuous advice and assistance.
  • Technology-driven precision: Move beyond cumbersome spreadsheets and manual calculations. We utilize advanced technology for a more efficient, accurate, and streamlined claiming process.


Real-Life Scenarios:

  • Startup Sarah: With Occams’ guidance, Sarah secured $150,000 in R&D tax credits, accelerating the launch of her innovative app. .
  • Manufacturing Mary: We identified overlooked R&D expenditures for Mary, increasing her claim and providing essential funds for production advancements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my business eligible for the R&D Tax Credit?
Reach out for a complimentary eligibility assessment!
What expenses qualify?
From wages and supplies to contracted services and cloud computing costs, we can guide you through the qualifying expenses.
How much can I claim?
Our experts will evaluate your R&D activities to provide an accurate estimate of your potential claim.



Choosing Occams Advisory is an investment in your business’s future, enabling you to capitalize on your R&D efforts and power your innovation. It means partnering with a team committed to your vision and success. Don’t let the complexities of the R&D Tax Credit impede your progress. Contact Occams Advisory today to transform your innovative efforts into tangible financial benefits. With Occams as your partner, the future is not just bright; it’s promising.

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