Brand Building, Mobile Marketing & Data Analytics


Brand Building, Mobile Marketing & Data Analytics

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Brand Building, Mobile Marketing & Data Analytics

While digital and mobile marketing has everyone’s attention today, we at Occams consistently advise our clients to focus on defining, communicating and strengthening their brand identity. The aura of a strong brand has transformational effect on the consumer preferences and there is no substitute for creating a clear and strong brand value. Occams Branding team works with the clients on their core branding exercise to ensure that they stay on track to build a strong brand foundation.

Organizations face challenges to handle the variable regulatory landscape and compliance requirements and need to adhere to a range of regulatory compliance requirements pertaining to laws, regulations, guidelines and specifications relevant to their businesses. Violations of regulatory compliance requirements can lead to legal punishment and fines. Occams’ expertise and client centric approach combines a customized compliance process and extensive local knowledge to provide a world-class service. We rely on our accounting and compliance experience and proven methodologies to help our clients you to manage their direct and indirect tax compliance and reporting obligations.

Occams helps its clients with their tax planning. We provide expertise on federal, local and state tax regulations most relevant to our clients’ business and industry. Our services help provide tax projections, set up systems for record retentions, review all documents and assist in tax preparations. We analyze our clients’ taxes to optimize the tax procedures to create sustainable structure for the long run. Occams has experience and expertise in global taxation and international regulations that impact our clients’ business.

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