Buy-side M&A


Buy-side M&A

Buying a Business is Nothing like another Acquisition

A perfect acquisition should be a logical extension of your growth strategy.

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Buy-side M&A

The M&A process is inevitably an arduous one. Here at Occams, we provide professional M&A advisory services to enable effective due diligence and successfully to propel a company to the next level of success and profitability. Perhaps a client has hopes to expand into a certain geographical market or envisions a particular acquisition given a product offering or a particular financial threshold. We employ a strategic approach to engage in relevant dialogues to meet the client’s acquisition criteria through speed, support and accuracy. Occams offers M&A Advisory services on the buy-side to identify an acquisition target, conduct Due Diligence, help in Succession Planning and in executing Post-Merger Integration.

Our approach to a successful M&A deal ensures complete transparency, fluidity, and confidentiality. We begin with a dialogue to reach a clear comprehension of our client’s business and their expectations. Our experience positions us to effectively conduct relevant research and in-depth analyses to identify potential acquisition targets and perform due diligence on proposed targets. We assess the value of the proposed acquisition and will negotiate with target firms to establish the deal given the expectations of the client. We will finally work towards a smooth closing of the deal.

At Occams, we customize each transaction to the demands and expectations of our clients. The necessary condition for increasing company value through a merger is to envisage and execute it properly. We allow our clients to leverage our expertise to overcome complexities and achieve optimal results. Our extensive expertise in such deals has positioned us to guide our clients through any hurdles and to a smooth and successful execution.

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