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Customized Payment Risk Management & Analytics


Customized Payment Risk Management & Analytics

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Customized Payment Risk Management & Analytics

We provide industry’s most comprehensive Risk Verification suite. To our high-risk industry clients our Risk Verification focus and industry leading Risk Analysis provide a safety-net and assurance. Our Risk Management is enterprise-wide and comprehensive. We look at all the factors and drivers in your business that make your business prone to certain risks. Thus, not only do we help you minimize your payment risk, we also help you optimize your business drivers that make it a high-risk business.

Unlike most payment processing companies, we offer a comprehensive risk assessment of your business. Understanding the factors that make your business a higher risk than your industry peers will help you manage those factors better. This lowers your cost of payment processing and also enables your business to grow and scale as the legacy risk factors are now actively managed and create fewer roadblocks.

We look at the four key business risks – Credit Risk, Market Risk, Liquidity Risk and Operational Risk – from the lens of your business because each business is impacted by each of these risks in a disproportionate manner. By having a cross-disciplinary view across these risks, we assist you by optimizing the business drivers that impact and affect each of these risks. As a direct result, your business benefits in ways beyond just a lower cost of payment processing. We provide you risk protocols customized for your unique business situation. It is a vast improvement on the several templatized options that our peers provide. Because our risk protocols are customized for your unique business, they help you directly in managing the risk within as well as your business overall.

Like any high-quality risk methodology, ours too is data driven. Our secret sauce is that we overlay our decades of expertise and insights to engineer an analytical deep dive. Our proprietary Risk Engine provides industry-leading insights into your business. High-risk businesses tend to be classified as those because most underwriting processes do not have advanced risk models to analyze your risk in a granular way. Since we treat each business as unique and assess its risk accordingly, you manage your business risk profile in a more effective manner.

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