Business Expo - Small-Business Summit

03 June 2023 | New York City

Welcome to Occams Advisory Inc.'s event page, where we proudly showcase our participation in the Small Business Summit held at the Hilton Convention Center Midtown, NYC, on June 3rd, 2023. At this event, we hosted a valuable 30-minute workshop titled "Unlocking Tax Credit Benefits for Small Business Owners." 

Our workshop delved into the intricacies of tax credits, offering essential insights for small business owners. We provided guidance on identifying, applying for, and maximizing tax credit benefits to boost your bottom line. It was an opportunity for attendees to gain a competitive edge in their financial strategies. 

Occams Advisory Inc. is committed to empowering entrepreneurs and small business owners with knowledge and resources to thrive. We believe in supporting you every step of the way in your journey to success. Stay tuned for more informative events and workshops as we continue to share expertise and help you unlock the full potential of your business.


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