TiEcon SoCal 2023

01 December 2023 | Sheraton Hotel, Cerritos, CA

Occams Advisory Inc. made a significant impact at TiEcon SoCal 2023, held on December 1st at the Sheraton in Cerritos. As a gathering point for CEOs, CXOs, angel investors, VCs, and entrepreneurs, the event offered an unparalleled opportunity for networking and collaboration. At the heart of our participation was the introduction of Quiq Capital, our esteemed Private Lending business partner, presenting unique investment opportunities to the attendees. 

Our presence at the event included engaging in interactive workshops, insightful panel discussions, and networking sessions, all designed to foster meaningful business relationships. The day was packed with activities, featuring mega keynote speakers and providing a platform for sharing ideas and experiences with industry trailblazers and business leaders. 

By offering a blend of informative content and exceptional networking opportunities, we aimed to empower attendees with knowledge and connections that could spur business growth and innovation. The event was not just about presenting our services, but also about immersing ourselves in the vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, gaining insights, and contributing to the ongoing dialogue about the future of business and investment 

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