Financial Advisory

Through its Financial Advisory vertical, Occams offers its clients a full suite of advisory services. From helping clients have an interim CFO to help them raise capital or manage complicated and life-changing M&A process, Financial Advisory helps our clients stay on top of their various investment banking and financial consulting needs. As and where necessary, our services under this vertical are supplemented with those from Corporate Services as well as Risk & Regulatory Services.

Capital Raising

Businesses need capital at various stages of their growth. Occams Advisory works with investors and private equity to raise the capital our clients need. We work with our clients to first assess the precise nature of their capital needs and then help them structure the capital raising in a manner that is aligned with their business needs and plans. Occams consistently endeavors to structure a funding in a manner that is win-win for both the investor and the investee.

CFO Services

Rapidly growing small businesses typically reach a point where they need professional financial advice, but can’t afford a full-time CFO. For our clients in such situation, Occams provides an interim-CFO service that provides our clients deeper and strategic understanding of their financial situation as well as improved decision-making capabilities. We serve as sounding board to help with onerous business decisions and help clarify business objectives. Our expertise also helps you get additional benefits such as tax saving strategies, trend analysis, liaison with bankers, attorneys, vendors, and insurance agents. We also extend assistance in obtaining financing from banks, including assistance with negotiations. Our services also include mergers and acquisitions assistance as well as custom designed collection policies and procedures.

Due Diligence

Occams Advisory helps its clients with conducting a due a diligence process to assess a potential acquisition target. We consistently ask our clients the relevant big questions and align them with the objective reason for why they want to buy and why they want to buy a particular company. Our core value of Ask/ Question focuses on asking our clients to prove the claimed synergy. In all cases, we work with them to formulate a clear, well-articulated deal thesis ahead of the deal discussions and review. We focus on analyzing and proving synergies bottom up. Occams consistently seeks to understand how will an acquisition make the existing business more valuable. We seek to prove the strategic value of the potential transaction through customer and employee inputs, competitor insight, data and facts, and how profit pools are going to shape up. Our philosophy is to build a truth-seeking culture supported by a rigorous and insightful deal-review process.

Joint Venture

Alliances and JV’s are used to fill gaps in capabilities or facilitating new market entry. If done right, they can boost and accelerate business growth. In our experience, alliances and JV’s go wrong fundamentally in the inception stage. This is predicated upon a faulty initial-stage strategy development. Occams works with its clients to ensure an alliance structure built on an in-depth understanding of mutual economics and expectations. We focus obsessively on ensuring that alliances are designed correctly from the inception. We achieve this by establishing a clear and shared vision along with a deep understanding of mutual economics among the partners. Occams also has expertise in resolving issues between alliance partners and supporting management on a restructuring to optimize value through the alliance.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Several companies seek to grow by acquisition either to supplement their organic growth or to compensate for its absence. Regardless of the drivers of the decision to acquire, successful acquisitions are founded upon an investment philosophy aligned with a business’ growth needs. Strategic due diligence is a forward-looking process that helps create value through investigation of targets with a focus on what is really important. Acquirers that focus on smaller deals tend to outperform those doing larger deals. We consider an acquisition as an extension of our client’s growth strategy and help them make acquisitions that are truly in alignment with it.

Just as companies need to acquire to align their execution with their growth strategy, they also need to divest partially or fully to achieve their goals. The necessary condition for creation of great value through a divesture or merger is to envisage and execute it properly. Occams Advisory works with its clients to plan and execute upon a divesture or a merger. We seek not to just help our clients get the right valuation but also the right buyer – in essence architect a deal that will truly be synergistic..

Post Merger Integration

Most mergers fail in the execution process. The salient feature of an effective acquisition is to integrate where it matters. We work with our clients to make an acquisition successful by the right merger integrations. It’s a widely acknowledged data that well-executed merger integration creates over 15% shareholder wealth. The necessary condition for creation of great value through a merger is to envisage and execute it properly. Challenges related to an effectively done integration are the heart of risks of a merger. At Occams, we are acutely aware that no two deals should be integrated in the same way. We thus constantly focus on customizing the integration to the nature of the transaction.

Combined with our M&A advisory services, we help to structure deals and work on key accounting and financial issues that may arise in the process. We have experience working with accounting of financial deals including M&A, divestures and joint ventures. At Occams, we also analyze debt or equity offerings and help recognize which accounting rules affect terms and contract value.

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