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Through our PFIT offerings, Occams’ goal is to provide you with leading resources and information to manage your financial freedom. In order to effectively manage and maintain your financial assets, it is essential to develop strategic plans and objectives.

These plans are budgets and savings goals, and they need to be managed by actively monitoring and controlling your money. We are on a mission to bring you and your family financial protection, planning and peace of mind through comprehensive solutions at each stage of your life.

Long Term & Debt Secured with Assets

Some Assets are Better Financed

The lure of long-term secured debt and how to make the most of such options.

Long Term & Debt Secured with Assets
Long Term & Debt Secured with Assets ipad

Some Assets are Better Financed

The lure of long-term secured debt and how to make the most of such options.

Debt secured by an asset that you get to use, has a profile different from that of unsecured debt such as a credit card or a personal loan.  Auto-loans are a widely known form of popular loans in the US. By 2019, US consumers had accumulated over $590 billion in auto-loans and they accounted for approximately 10% of country’s debt obligation. Similar to mortgages, auto-loans are used to purchase a long-term asset – cars. Consumers generally pay a small amount up- front, usually 5%-10% of the car’s value, and then take out an auto-loan to finance the rest of the payment. Like mortgages, these loans tend to be secured with the car being purchased, and consumers usually need high credit scores to obtain these loans.

Vacation clubs or time-shares are vacation property management arrangements that allow you to split the costs of ownership and maintenance with others in exchange for a set amount of guaranteed time at a vacation property. This can be an effective method to have partial ownership in a vacation property without having to face a significant financial burden. There are several types of time-share arrangements involving different ownership structures. Time-shares can be complex and expensive, and you could be in a situation where you have agreed to a time-share that you no longer want or can afford. In these situations, we can help you renegotiate your undesirable time-share agreement to get better terms. We also provide resources on which types of time-shares you should pursue that can meet your vacation and financial goals.

When consumers are considering purchasing a home, they will most likely need a mortgage. A mortgage is a loan taken in order to purchase a home and the loan is secured by the property that is purchased. Most individuals do not have hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars saved to purchase a home outright. Even if they do, sometimes it makes more financial sense to take out a mortgage, as the interest rate and terms can be extremely attractive to those who have good credit. Mortgages are one of the largest sources of personal debt in America, currently standing at $10.3 trillion.  The average new mortgage amount is approximately $148k and over 63% of homeowners in America have a mortgage. We understand that homeownership is an important aspect of securing your financial future. Many families desire owning a home and it is considered an indicator of financial freedom. We provide resources to help you with your mortgage needs. From advice on obtaining the most attractive mortgage to helping you refinance your existing one, we have numerous resources to assist you with all of your mortgage needs.

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