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Proprietary Fintech Platform

We bring our merchants a range of solutions suitable for all risk categories from traditional & low risk to emerging & high risk. We specialize in cutting-edge high-risk solutions even for international merchants. Proprietary Fintech Platform Electronic check & ACH processing provide customers with another convenient way to pay. We offer an eCheck program that is a unique paperless checking solution that allows customers to make payments for purchases via their bank account rather than with a credit card. Whether you run a high-risk or a low-risk business, accepting eCheck is a convenient and quick way to start accepting payments to get your business going. Our proprietary platform is not only hyper-efficient, we also pride ourselves in one of the fastest under-writing processes, anywhere in the world. Though quick, our under-writing has very specific standards. We are speedy because the entire process is internal to us.

Since we own our Proprietary Fintech Platform , we are able to pass on our low costs to merchants. While being the most risk efficient. Our merchants also save money on the speed of our processing. We are able to process the eCheck for our merchants faster than most of the competing solutions in the marketplace. We verify all eCheck submissions in real-time. We run the customers through our massive databases for any negative history and records. Further, we have an exhaustive follow-through process wherein we call, text and email your customers to re-verify the authorizations. We also call the banks to verify funds availability, account status, payer background before we let the eCheck hit your bank account.

While most credit-card focused merchant solutions come with specific volume caps and other limits our eCheck solutions approve you for higher limits than most of the competing solutions. We not only help our merchants manage speedy processing; we also enable them scale up quicker by providing larger processing limits.

We also have a super straightforward pricing. We charge one flat % for all your transactions, no complication. Simple. Not only are our support teams real humans but they are also easy to talk to. No multi-point verification before getting someone on a call. In fact, we usually have you schedule a convenient time for you, and we call you when you are ready for us. We invite our merchants to speak to us about their business difficulties, so we can provide them with customized payment solutions.

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