Sell-side M&A


Sell-side M&A

To Sell or Not to Sell?

Selling your business is not a destination, just a key step on a continued journey of entrepreneurship

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Sell-side M&A

Every M&A transaction is unique, and we work to create a comprehensive strategy that is shaped to the unique needs of each client. We consider an exit as an extension of our client’s growth strategy and help them sell their business in alignment with their long-term goals. We remain vigilant of our clients’ emotional strains in any deal, and we provide ample guidance and support to carry them through the entire process. Occams is adept in all aspects of M&A Advisory on the sell-side, offering a comprehensive suite of services, which includes pre-Transaction Due Diligence, Deal Structuring, Financial Valuation, Divestures, Buyer Identification, Transaction Structuring and Post-Merger Integration.

When conducting M&A process, seamless success is expected, and Occams provides thoughtful representation to each of our clients at each stage of the M&A process. Our proficient approach enables clients to achieve their strategic and financial objectives, maximizing value while minimizing risk. Our sell-side M&A engagements begin with a clear definition of our client’s M&A objectives and a cohesive valuation analysis. We identify an extensive list of potential strategic and financial buyers and oversee the due diligence process. We manage any foreseeable issues that may arise in the transaction process. Our comprehensive approach emphasizes efficient negotiation and transaction structuring to maximize value and offer the best terms for our client. Ultimately, we offer any resources and assistance to reach our client’s objectives. From the preliminary conversation through the deal closure, we remain present and involved each step of the way.

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