Technology & Innovation

Information technology (IT) has increasingly emerged as a key enabler to businesses. We at Occams believe that IT should improve the ability of businesses to succeed. We help our clients make sure they get better at managing their processes, logistics and operations. Occams looks at our clients IT strategically, placing it in the larger context of their business. Our objective is to help our clients get a clear perspective to maximize the potential of their IT investments through a range of services that we offer.

App Development

Occams has a dedicated team that helps its clients develop apps tailored to their specific needs. We understand that a well designed and well coded app can change your business for the better. That is why we focus on your goals, your budget, and your success. Regardless of whether our clients need a mobile app, a desktop app, wearable apps, Occams is able to provide the highest level of designing and coding talent backed by its team of strategic thinkers who align the business objectives with the apps.

Development Services

Our dedicated team of highly skilled developers works with our clients to develop most kinds of platforms, software, websites and search-engine capabilities etc. Occams development team also provides a significant cost advantage as we are able to delegate a significant portion of the coding and designing work to our skilled but comparatively less expensive resources in our India office.

Project Management

Software or platform development can be elaborate, complex and time-consuming. Occams project management team works with our clients to actively participate in and even completely take over the management of a technology project. We use a blend of onsite project management resources as well as remote tools and resources to provide one of the best returns possible on our client’s dollars.

Small Business Platform

TAPLOR (Time, Automation, Project, Lead, Order and Revenue Management) is Occams affiliated proprietary platform. It is a workforce management platform that empowers employees of small and medium size business to create and assign tasks, manage projects and leads, track orders and revenue as well as submit all expenses – all from one platform, bringing incredible efficiency to their work lives. TAPLOR brings unprecedented speed and productivity for the end users while bringing in transparency and accountability for the managers that strength ensour client’s business and improves their customer relationships. TAPLOR provides small and medium businesses a real time view of the their projects, orders and revenue as well as expenses and outlays, reducing costs and inefficiencies associated with tracking metrics and data across various disjoint platforms that do not communicate with each other.

Technical Support

Occams B2B technology support team has world-class expertise in after-implementation care that is needed for the continued success of our clients. Though minor maintenance projects and continued support contracts, we provide our clients resolutions to their most challenging hardware and software problems. Occams has a large range of offerings that maximize the returns on our client’s IT assets. Starting from an in-depth discovery session to learn the pain areas to planning and developing for implementation and deployments and providing specialized support for software applications, Occams has time-tested capabilities of delivering highest quality of services.

VOIP and Networking

Through Occams reseller relationship with VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and networking service providers, we have developed a range of services that are provided to our clients. Occams resells VOIP services and provides value added services related to the installation and implementation of these service. We also have a skilled team of implementation experts who install and deploy office networks and related solutions. Occams Networking and VOIP teams work onsite with our clients to ensure best results and also takes advantage of remote support to provide cost efficiencies.

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